Tom Friedel's Resume

Tom Friedel

100 S. Birch Rd. #2502

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316


Voice: (954) 523-4182



Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. March 1989.

M.S., Information and Computer Science, GPA 3.3.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Sept. 1986.

B.S., Information and Computer Science, GPA 3.1.



I have over twenty-five years experience developing software in C and PERL under the UNIX environment, including design, development, rapid prototyping (if desired), enhancing, rewriting and debugging. I have the ability to become familiar with large software programs very quickly, and write software that is easy to maintain. My skills are best utilized at low level programming tasks (as opposed to GUI toolkits). I am most proficient with C and UNIX, but have done large projects with PERL, PHP, Java, C++, Pascal, Bourne Shell, Oracle Pro*C, and Assembler as well as with Microsoft NT and Visual C++.



Seeking a contract or permanent position in the Fort Lauderdale area designing and developing software.



As Ready Ink Incorporated, Engineering and Webmaster Services, Jun. 1996 - present.

As a sub-contractor for, developed a JSP backend content management system for the Business School of the University of Miami. The system uses a Progress or MySQL database, Netscape Enterprise Server, Compaq Tru64, and allows different departments to edit thousands of pages without the intervention of a programmer or designer.


Maintain, a Drupal and Gallery2 based system using Embedded Google Map API 2.0, PHP, and Smarty templates.


Developed a SOAP Web Services server for a credit card processing company


Maintain a Linux/Fedora Web Server and Web Hosting business ( using Qmail, DNS server and Apache Web server.


Developed a set of programs in C and PERL to extract formulas from Microsoft Excel sheets, and an engine to process the formulas and display the sheets on the Web.


Interfaced Interchange, an Internet shopping cart, with Mail Order Manager from Dydacomp, and with Google Checkout.


Maintain and enhance numerous OsCommerce (PHP-based) sites.


Developed a online grocery store for, using a PERL/CGI interface to an Oracle/8i database.


Have developed and/or maintain about 30 Web sites, almost all of which involve Web server programming.

Applications include user registration systems, online credit card processing, fantasy football, an online stock picking contests, and Java chat server and client. Technologies used include PERL, Java, CGI, JSP, JavaScript, MySQL and HTML


As a learning exercise, ported Metro-X, the software from my previous company, to Windows NT using Microsoft Visual C++.


As Ready Ink Incorporated, Software Engineer Services, Connections USA, Nov. 1998 July 2000.


Developing PERL scripts on a FreeBSD Apache Web server for use in Web sites for an Internet credit card billing company (, an Internet dating service (, and a virtual calling card product ( Also worked on a Java 1.1 chat server and client for


Maintain and enhance a large C telephony product, which uses Dialogic PC hardware. Ported this DOS program to the DJGPP development environment, enabling it to network with UNIX machines through TCP/IP and among other things make e-commerce transactions through Cyber Source.

Contract Software Engineer, Nations Rent, Aug. 1998 - Nov. 1998.

Developed software in Oracle Pro*C (embedded SQL) on HP/UX to move data between an Oracle database, a Lawson accounting program, and a flat file format.


Partner and Software Engineer, Metro Link Inc., Jan. 1991 - Jun. 1996.

Developed Metro-X, an implementation of the X Window System (the default UNIX GUI), for X11 Release 4, 5, and 6, with support for hundreds of PC graphics cards. Metro-X is written in C, and runs on SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris/x86, Linux, Interactive UNIX, Siemens Sinix, AT&T UNIX, QNX, Lynx/OS, NCR MP/RAS, and Venturcom Venix, and was licensed by the manufacturers of the last four Operating Systems.

Responsible for maintaining, updating, testing, and performance tuning the Metro-X software, and working with other engineers on different aspects of Metro-X.

Used CVS (Concurrent Version System) and RCS for revision control.

Developed shared OSF Motif libraries for UNIX System V Release 3 (including SCO UNIX).

Developed hardware and software accelerated loadable Open GL extension, with Open GL source code licensed from Silicon Graphics.

Owner, President, and Software Engineer, JDyx Enterprises, Jan. 1989 - Jan. 1991.

Marketed a C source code UNIX graphics library, which was later used in the first release of the Metro-X X Window System.

Responsible for all aspects of running a small business.

Developed Version 2 of The Diet Planner in PASCAL for world renowned author and scientist, Roy Walford (

Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Sept. 1986 - Sept. 1989.

Project leader of the Georgia Tech Research Institute's Autonomous Helicopter Route Planning System (HARPO), written in Symbolics LISP, an object oriented programming language.

Rewrote a portion of GEST (Generic Expert System Tool, written in LISP), in C++.


Graduate Records Examination (GRE) Math: 800 (perfect score) Logic: 780

Advanced/Fluent in German; Intermediate level Spanish

Former USCF Chess Senior Master, and former number one ranked US postal chess player.

USTA 5.0 Tennis Player, and 1999 Broward County 35's Champion.