You could submit your site to the Internet search engines for a small amount of money, but this is only a small part of what is involved in getting noticed by the search engines. To get the highest possible ranking, a Web site must be designed from the ground up with the knowledge of what search engines are looking for. This is a site that explains Web site development for search engines in detail. Their iterative fine-tuning services cost around $1500/month, and might be worthwhile for some sites. We will do everything up to that point for much less. Click for more information.

Indemax and Hot Melt Parts are the same business, a 'Hot Melt' parts depot, and are amoung our oldest customers. When you go to Google and type 'Hot Melt Parts', these sites are number 1 and 2!

Rebecca Covey, PA is a inexpensive site we developed, with the main goal of being findable. The site is at the top of the rankings for Ms. Covey's geographic area of practice and legal specialization, and is also crosslinked to the major relevant legal sites. As a result the site has paid for itself numerous times over.

Ask us about the affiliate program banner rotatation system we set up for Sharp looking banners that generate revenue for the site. Should the affiliate link provider go down, the software automatically redirects to a different program, such as banner exchange or internal links.